iPhone Flash

One of the many reasons that a user buys an iPhone surely isn’t because of the photo options the iPhone has… in fact the iPhone is very limited in this department. A feature that surely would be very useful is the ‘Flash’… not Adobe ‘Flash’ player… although it would also be a nice addition…! Anyway…

Until Apple figures out how to make this dream come true, a bunch of Russian people, with ‘some’ mods, managed to do this… In fact what they did was to replace the Apple chrome logo with… a glowing logo, like on any macbook or macbook pro!!… or any macbook air! Imagine… the solution was always on the back!!! 🙂

View this cool iPhone mod in action after the break…

There’s only one problem… currently there aren’t any instructions on how to make your iPhone Glow in the Dark! If anyone finds out, please share it with your friends… and possibly me! 😉 Happy Flashing!


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