The New Mini 4×4 Concept

Ok… I know that this is not an auto blog and this post has nothing to do with the iPhone, Windows Vista or .Net but i couldn’t let this one go without blogging it! (I really love minis) As you can see there is a new Mini in town, the new Mini Crossover (even though the name doesn’t match the vehicle). More pictures after the break…

One of the features that i really liked is how this car starts. Apparently the car is started by installing a ‘keyball’ into the globe, which can then handle separate infotainment displays for the driver and front passenger. The driver gets a track ball in the steering wheel and the passenger a slide-out keyboard for surfing the net on the move. What do you think about this?… will it have Vista embedded in the dashboard? And will it use IE8 to surf the net? 🙂 Yeah… it’s 2 in the morning in Malta and i’d better go to sleep… I’m dreaming awake! 🙂 Good night to all!


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