Quickie | ‘Sys’ is undefined Solution

Today I was trying to call a web service from Java Script using the Sys.Net.WebServiceProxy.invoke function but the following error was loading:

‘Sys’ is undefined

The problem was because the ajax was not being referenced in the website. The solution I found was to create a new website in Visual Studio 2005 and use the AJAX Control Toolkit Web Site Template. When I ran the code again, no error was loaded and everything worked fine!


Calling Web Service From Javascript

Hi my post explains how to call web service frm java script using AJAX.

If the web service class on the server includes a web method that does not return data, you can call the web service without having to handle a response. This is the simplest web method call that can be made from the client. For example, your application has the following web method:

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Return Array From WebService

Here’s the simplest way to accomplish what you want. Have your webservice return a simple string array:

public string[] getPersonIds(string Id)
//substitute code to actually populate the array with the dataset data
string[] personIds = {“ADS34579354”, “ASR34579354”, “TYU34579354”};
return personIds;
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Will Windows 7 be unveiled on 7/7?


There are many websites reporting that Microsoft is going to release the RC version of Windows 7 to the public starting May 5. And I think that it is going to be released on that date!

The thing that nobody noticed (at least on the websites that I visited) is that May 5 is the same as 5/5 in all the World’s countries. Microsoft is using these types of dates for the public to remember them easily.

If the marketing department continues to use these types of dates, there is a great possiblity that Windows 7 will be unveiled on July 7th or 7/7! Imagine the following banner:

Windows 7 coming on 7/7

What a great marketing campaign would it be! Kudos for the marketing department at Microsoft!!