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This weekend we’ve been trying to choose a hosting for our JSP site which we’ve been developing. We’ve had a hard time searching for the right hosting provider, a host which allows JSP sites, is reliable and cheap. After a lot of searching, we chose to try MochaHost. We found a lot of bad reviews all over the net, but despite we wanted to try them out, mostly because it is the cheapest hosting we found.

We’ve set up the servers and uploaded the sight, though we had a problem uploading it. There are some things you need to do before uploading a JSP site from NetBeans to MochaHost. Next are the steps…

  • First you need to enable Tomcat and Apache on MochaHost by sending an email to their support.
  • From NetBeans, you need to right click on the project and select ‘Deploy’
  • When deploying you’re given a path where to find the deployed site
  • In the deployed site, there has to be an important folder WEB-INF where all classes and servlets are deployed
  • Copy all the files and folders from the build/web folder
  • Paste in the FTP folder to upload the site (for Tomcat and Apache the folder would be public_html)

Hope this helped some people… will be posting a more detailed version of this post with images. I will also be monitoring MochaHost hosting and their support. Currently I just paid for the first month to test it out.

Happy JSPiiing! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Upload JSP Sites on MochaHost | Hosting

  1. Gerardo says:

    Waiting for your detailed version with pics about how you uploaded your jsp site.
    I think it’s gonna be very helpful cuz’ not a lot of people shows how they managed to set up n’ upload everything to work properly at their new hosting site (mocha or any other). I liked the cool tips (steps) to follow in this post.

  2. Mike Doyle says:

    I just signed up to mochahost as well. Price is right especially for the beginning jsp/java programmer. Don’t really get the activating tomcat though being that I specifically paid for a private jvm plan.

    • ciappara says:

      For web hosting, and for the price you pay, we had a good experience with MochaHost, until at least you figure out the above. The problem came after the first month. If you subscribe for 3 years, you get a great discount. We paid for one month.. just to check the web hosting if it’s good, but when we opted to pay for 3 years to get the discount, they told us that the discount was for new users. The customer service that contacted us was very rude and told us that if we will leave the hosting, we’d have to pay a penalty. That’s not the way you threat customers! Anyway, after that we just left Mochahost!

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