Week Review.. over 300,000 all time views

This week my blog managed to reach a target that I previously set in my mind, 300,000 all time views. Most popular websites manage to reach that amount in only one day. But I’m happy with the result.

Moving Forward

These last few months, I’ve been trying to add a post, if not daily, at least 4 times a week, and am almost managing it, to help more developers with the solutions to the daily problems I find, and other utilities that help users.

During the next weeks I will be shifting this blog to  personal domain name, www.ciappara.com, to make it more customizable. I’ve been meaning to do this for years, but now it’s time to do it 🙂

Blogging Solutions

I have been happy using wordpress for these last 4 and a half years, but now I would like to start using a .Net Blogging solution. This would help make customisations more easily, as I’m a C# guy :), and can add anything I want. I’ve been searching for a few solutions, and I found BlogEngine.Net and Graffiti, or else develop continue developing a blogging engine using Project Nine. I will be testing and reviewing them and let you know what I’m choosing.

But more info on my new blog later. Till then continue watching this blog ciappara.wordpress.com! Thanks for all your reading! 🙂


Improved Alexa Ranking by 1 million positions in 12 hours | Project Nine

Yesterday early in the morning, at about 2 o’clock I was still up, and spared a few minutes to try out some optimisations on my own site, www.nine.com.mt. In the afternoon I had a great surprise, the optimisations I did improved my Alexa ranking position by much over 1 million positions. I know I’m still far far below but using some simple optimisations, your website can also start ranking higher.

Click here to find out the simple optimisations I did on Project Nine’s website to get this result with your own site…

Improve the Effectiveness of Title Tags | SEO Secrets

The Title Tag is the text displayed at the top of the browser window and is one of the most important tags for a website. It is used as the linked title on which users will click to access your page in the search engines. The maximum length of the title tag should be about 60 or 70 characters. Anything more will not be shown in the search results page. Read on to find some SEO Secrets on how to have a great title. Click here to continue Reading

This is part of SEO series of posts – SEO Secrets – which is brought to you by guys at Project Nine, who are always on the lookout to check that all their websites are as SEO friendly as possible.

Top 5 Tips to Increase Website Traffic

The more page views, the more there is a chance that new users will view your post. This is one of the main goals that web developers and administrators have for their websites. Check out the next top 5 tips to achive this goal and increase your website traffic.

The first tip is:

Content and Presentation

Create and maintain the content on your website or blog. The content that you write must actually be interesting for the user. The content must be presented in a way to not be difficult for the user to read and understand. Sometimes you find sites that aren’t made for users, but for search engines to increase their ranking. Having high quality content that is updated regularly and well presented will keep your customers coming back.

Follow this link for the remaining top tips 🙂

Why is a Blog Needed?

Project Nine | Why Start a Blog

Business blogs can be a powerful marketing tool. When you blog about your products and brands, you’ll brand your company as authentic and knowledgeable. In my opinion you could start blogging as soon as you can even before you start your business. It takes a bit of time until search engines start indexing your pages.

Blogging is a relatively low cost activity that will add value to your business for a long time to come, and in many cases blogging alone can push your business to prosperity getting users to your site that wouldn’t normally come. Read more on how to blog and how to start…

Project Nine Blog Is Online

Project Nine Blog is online. Today it is just an introduction but from next Monday, 21st February, the real blogging starts.

Nine Blog is about helping people achieve more potential with their sites. The information I’ll be putting in this blog, will help Project NINE’s clients and anyone who has a website to market their website and increase its relevance in search engines. I’m sure I will be learning a lot from this new venture, and I will pass what I learned to you on this blog.

You’ll also find information about new Features being created for Project NINE users and how you can make the most of them. Plus you can add your own comments to inspire us for new features to add extra value to your own sites.

So go now and check out this blog today!