SQL Server | Reset Identity Column

When you create a table in SQL Server, you would also have an Identity Primary Key. This type of key would increase as new rows are added. But sometimes you would just need to delete all the rows and start all over again.

To restart the identity column, you could delete the column and re-add it again. This would normally work, but if you have relations with the primary key, you wouldn’t be allowed to delete it.

The next code that will make this possible, and restart the Primary Key from 0, thus the new row will be set as 1: Continue reading


Off To London

Tomorrow I’m off to London for a small holiday… Will try to write some posts if I find internet in a bar ;)… anyway… see you next Tuesday… London here we come!

GoDaddy Hosting | Connect with FileZilla

  • Open FileZilla program.
  • Go to File and select Site Manager
  • Click the New Site button and start entering your ftp hosting details:
  • Next just click connect 🙂 You’re now being connected to your ftp account

Project NINE is online | Get a site for only €9

Welcome to Project NINE

Today Project NINE was launched at 09:09 this morning. It was a very busy week to make everything ready for this new project. Everyone can now get a website for only €9 per month.

With each Project NINE site, you’ll get a great website with a great design, a mobile website and a control panel. Your website will be made up of 4 pages including:

  • Home,
  • About Us or Services
  • Find Us (Map of your business)
  • Contact Us

Will give more information soon. Till Now check out this new Project here on www.nine.com.mt.

Back with an iPhone… Hussahhh :)

After months and months with a bricked iPhone, I finally managed to get another one. So now be ready for more posts regarding iPhone Apps, the most useful, the ones I use, and the apps that help your iPhone remain in sync with anything you like (PC’s, the Cloud, Emails) etc…. plus also some reviews.