Steve Jobs passed Away!! :(

Just read some very sad news! Steve Jobs passed away. Apple confirmed the news on its Web site. He was a great visionary that led a mobile-computing revolution with wildly popular devices such as the iPhone! Jobs leaves behind his wife, four children, two sisters, and 49,000 Apple employees :/ Very unfortunate!!


Create your favicon.ico easily

Project NINE | Logo | FavIcon.ico

To easily create a favicon.ico to be used on a website, you can use the following website. Here you can either enter the URL of the image or upload the png logo you want to use; then a download link is created where you can download the ico:

Some tips for you favicon image. Continue reading

Sette Giugno | Today in Malta

Sette Giugno (from ItalianJune Seventh) is a Maltese national holiday celebrated annually on June 7. It commemorates events which occurred on that day in 1919, when following a series of riots by the Maltese population, British troops fired into the crowd killing four. (Wikipedia)

Today is also the day that the new iPhone is going to be shown to the world (hopefully)… plus a new multi touch track pad and also the new Safari 5… for the Maltese people, we’ll have to wait till tonight @ 7pm.

Melita Mobile or Apple??

This morning and in the afternoon, we tried to access the Melita homepage on as today they unveiled “the next generation in mobile communications and services”…. anyway we wanted to check out the new operator’s prices…. BUT… to our BIG surprise we found the

“We are experiencing high activity on our servers due to the large amount of traffic generated during the launch of our mobile services”

This message was on the home page of Melita’s website. We checked again the domain address to see if by mistake we entered, maybe melita had the same problems like apple during the launch of their iphone, but no… it was We then searched in google for an “about us” page of Melita and clicked the link…. and as we thought, the page loaded without any problems. You can try it yourself…. first go to and then check

The problem is that if their clients wanted to check their emails (which someone can do from their website), they couldn’t do this… the whole day long. Also they are an Internet Service Provider so they have all the bandwidth they want!!! Below please find some screenshots of our findings (please note the time and date at the bottom of the picture.. you can click on the picture to view larger): Continue reading

New Windows Vista Ads – “Windows, Not Walls”

Microsoft is launching its new Windows Vista ads next September 4th which will cost Microsoft about $300 million. Apparently these new ads are going to be titled “Windows, Not Walls”, and will feature Jerry Seinfeld and also… Bill Gates (preview his audition movie after the break).

Personally I love Windows Vista… at home i use the Vista Ultimate 64-bit Edition and let me tell you… it’s awesome! Till now… it never crashed, has a very fast startup… anyway let’s continue on the ads…

The new ads’ goal is to reverse the negative public perception of Windows Vista done by Apple’s Get A Mac ads  (and let me tell you… from my experience, most of those ads are not even near the truth… but most people beleive everything…). The new campaign is said to be one of the largest campaings in Microsoft’s History. Continue reading